Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Turning Chinese...

Well, I’ve settled into my home in Shenzhen almost a month now, and I can feel the Chinese way of things slowly soaking in. I am now basically unshockable after the last 2 months… I’ve witnessed, eaten, and smelled some of the strangest things I ever will, and many have now become the commonplace events of everyday life. Right now I’d like to focus on one particular phenomenon that ends to stand oout more than the rest – Children pooping in public places.

You read that right. All the children here, up to age 4 or so, wear these special pants that have a large slit down the back, exposing their butts. They just walk around all day, butts in the breeze. When it comes time to do business, they simply stop wherever they are at, and let it all go. If they are younger, the parent/grandparent with them will hold them out in the air by the waist, as one would hold a leaking trash bag. I see this probably 4-5 times a week, and in some pretty interesting places….

- On a moving subway train in the Shenzhen metro. The mother held the child over a plastic grocery bag.

- Next to the outdoor seating at a restaurant while we were eating (that was ugly).

- In the middle of the sidewalk.

- On the beach.

- Being held over a trashcan on a street corner.

My friend Trevor saw a child pooping in the flowers in front of the Forbidden City. It is everywhere.  Also, I got these pictures off the internet.  I have yet to snap a photo of the elusive split pants baby.  It seems like every time I have my camera there are none to be found.


  1. Andy!! I have loved reading all of your blogs and I miss you lots! Oh my goodness, the children pooping everywhere! I had no idea that goes on in China (I guess because Wrenn never had mentioned it before)...that must be crazy!
    I'm so glad you've been blogging and updating pictures! I'm totally okay with you liking the Chinese culture, as long as when you come back you'll be ready for the U.S. and all of us again :)

  2. ha ha! Thats disgusting! However, my dad wants to know if they come in size 40? Glad to hear you are doing alright! Thanks for the blog!
    ps- Damn!!! I can see it now, you are going to have the best chirstmas gifts for the next few years!!

  3. Oh wow that's crazy! I love reading your updates, Andy! :) I miss you in the STL but it sounds like you're having so much fun and a great experience!

  4. OOOOOO! If I ever go to China I will watch where I sit and what I touch. Those nasty little hinneys sitting around on common chairs oooooo yuck...