Friday, October 8, 2010


  Well, I just returned from Yunnan Province, where I had some of the best (hiking and beautiful cities) and worst (transportation) experiences of my life!  Two days later I'm still tired as a dog... it was quite a week!  I have decided to start something new, and try to upload one new picture onto the blog every day or two.  It is tough for me to find time to write these longer posts, but I hate to have nothing new for long stretches of time!

This might as well be the Yunnan Foreigners Club!  My group, plus our new found friends at the Stone the Crows bar in Lijiang. 

From left to right: Marie (with the owners pup), Carrie, myself, Barry (from North Ireland), Wayne (from South Africa), Sonya (from Scotland), Jess, Cliff, Ben, and Greg.

Barry, Wayne, and Sonya are all English teachers also, with Wayne just now finishing his contract.  We ran into them 5 times in 2 different cities!  It was always great to see them, like we were coming home to familiar faces, and we shared many a beer with them.

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